The Man Under at 59E59

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January 25 thru February 17, 2013
Tues-Thurs @ 7:30pm;
Fri-Sat @ 8:30pm; Sun at 3:30pm

Our successful Kickstarter Campaign helped us raise funds for our Rent at the amazing 59E59 Theaters; Insurance; Designer Stipends, Materials and Incidentals. We continue our fundraising efforts to take Athena Theatre to the Actors’ Equity Association Transition Contract, offering weekly salaries to our Actors and Stage Managers plus Health and Pension. Box Office only makes up about 10-15% of our budget. You may make a year end tax-deductible donation HERE. Our Goal is $10,000 by 2/25/13. I could not think of a better gift for Athena’s 10th Birthday!!!

Lisa, a fiery sexpot infatuated with trains, awakens three best friends to the possibilities of love. Chasing Lisa through the underground labyrinth of New York City’s subway tunnels, a grieving Jeff finds comfort in the exhilaration of dodging the third rail. Meanwhile, Martin and Jennifer explore their own electricity through their obsession with the Yankees. This urban love story, filled with late arrivals and missed connections, examines everyday characters in extraordinary circumstances. Are they willing to travel to the end of the line for love?

The Man Under is a play that deals heavily with the aftermath of the death of a young woman. She suffers from and succumbs to her illness. Our play can be seen as a play about health, and one way we feel we can make a difference is by using our art to help others.

The Man Under is a dark comedy that handles the serious themes of home, loss, love, cancer, secrets, thought and impulse – everyday issues for everyday characters in extraordinary circumstances. In short, it’s about what is said and unsaid in our relationships and how we choose to connect with those we love or want to love. The action takes place in and under present day New York City.

Struggling to honestly express their feelings has kept Jeff, Martin and Jennifer resigned to unhappiness. But after Jeff tracks down Lisa- a fiery and unpredictable sexpot he met briefly on a subway platform, the three friends finally learn to speak up about how they really feel. The Man Under is a story about what is said and unsaid in our relationships and how we choose to connect to those we love or want to love.

The Man Under Trailer

Director: Benjamin Kamine

Paul Bomba, Curran Connor, Veronique Ory and Briana Pozner





Our Partnership with Stupid Cancer

I’M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS! Young adults, a largely unknown group in the war on cancer, account for 72,000 new diagnoses each year. That’s one every eight minutes. It’s also seven times more all than pediatric cancers. This is not OK! Stupid Cancer (aka The I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation, i[2]y) is a non-profit organization that empowers young adults affected by cancer through innovative and award-winning programs and services. We are the nation’s largest support community for this underserved population and serve as a bullhorn for the young cancer movement. Their charter is to ensure that no one goes unaware of the age-appropriate resources they are entitled to so they can get busy living.

Athena Theatre Company is building awareness for Stupid Cancer in an effort to reach beyond the (what can sometimes seem insular) scope of theater and make an impact on people in our community. Hopefully The Man Under can not only provide some funding to Stupid Cancer, but more importantly, increase awareness for this amazing organization.

Production Team
General Manager: Tzipora Kaplan
Assistant General Manager: Scott Frost
Production Stage Manager: Liz Elise Richards
Assistant Stage Manager: Victoria Loye
Playwright: Paul Bomba
Director: Benjamin Kamine
Assistant Director: Courtney Ulrich
Technical Director: Forrest Leo
Fight Choreographer: Robert Tuftee
Associate Producer: Ruth Gersh

Design Team
Scenic Designer: Julia Noulin Mérat
Scenic Assistant: Zach Serafin
Sound Designer: Jeremy S. Bloom
Lighting Design: Charles Forster
Costume Designer: Lara de Bruijn
Casting: Judy Bowman
Properties Master: Kelly Kuykendall
Technical Director: Forrest Leo
Electrician: Johnny Kruger
Dramaturg: Molly Marinik
Marketing Intern: Juliana Aiden

Associate Producers
Marcia Kamine
Jason Mallet
Line Ory