A Lie of the Mind

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Opens October 27th, 2005
Runs Thursday-Sunday

General Admission $15
Or $20 cash only at the door

The Flight Theatre at The Complex
6472 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038
Street Parking and Valet Parking

Told in three acts set in the gritty American West, the story alternates between two families after a severe incident of spousal abuse leaves all their lives altered until the final collision at an isolated cabin. The two families, one composed of Baylor, Meg, Beth, and Mike, the other composed of Lorraine, Sally, Frankie, and Jake are connected by the marriage of Jake and Beth, whose beating and subsequent hospitalization at the hands of Jake initiates the beginning of the play. Exploring family dysfunction and the nature of love, the play follows Jake as he searches for meaning after Beth, and her family, as they struggle with Beth’s brain damage.

Jason Weisgerber as Jake
Jamison Driskill as Frankie
Veronique Ory as Beth
Jonathan Frappier as Mike
Trudy Forbes as Lorraine
Rachael Lyerla as Sally
James Storm as Baylor
Pamela Clay as Meg

Director: Charlotte Gulezian
Production Stage Manager: Kevin Jordan
Lighting Design: Michael Bergfeld
Properties Master: Onkeo Ratanaphom
Sound Design: John Bobek and Rob Liscome
Casting Director: Stephen Snyder, JS Snyder & Assoc
Postcard Design: Jeremy Asher

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“The people presented by author Sam Shepard are not the kind of people you want to know. To call them dysfunctional is definitely one step up, and the actors do a marvelous job bringing out the worst of the worst. If Sergio Leone hadn’t used the title, Sam could have called it “The Good, the Bad – and the Ugly” and if he forgot to use the word Good not much would change. Definitely another strongly carved notch on the winner’s belt of Athena Theatre.” – ReviewPlays.com