Athena Reads

Athena Theatre’s play reading series was developed to explore original works for a World Premiere Production and/or New York Premiere Production. The following plays have had or will have a private table reading for developmental purposes. If you have an unpublished play which you’d like to hear aloud, please check out our New Play Submission Guidelines.

Literary Manager: Marilyn Oran

Literary Associates: Nadia Diamond, Lily Goldman, Graydon Gund, Niki Hatzidis, Mateo Moreno, Amy Patterson, Shauna Pinkett, Paula Rossman, Angie Tennant, Lauren Sullivan and Maria Wolf

Helene Galek & Amy Jo Jackson

December 2019
Dirty July by Kate Thomas

November 2019
East Rock by Kevin Daly

October 2019
You Can’t Say That by Lucy Wright

September 2019
Grace of God by Kristen Lazarian

August 2019
Smoke Break by Taylor Gregory

July 2019
Five Days, Four Nights by Fran Dorf

June 2019

May 2019
E.G.G. by Emile Lacheny

April 2019
Shakespeare in the Dark by Adam Harrell

March 2019
Chronicles of the Barrio by Liza Nepa

February 2019
Veils of Justice by Tita Anntares

January 2019
The Text of Sex by Michèle Aldin Kushner

December 2018
Ripped by Rachel Bublitz

November 2018
Brilliant Works of Art by Donna Hoke

October 2018
Charlatan by Daniel McCabe

September 2018
A Solution Of Sorts by Oded Gross

August 2018
Good Grief by Kirt Shineman

July 2018
Transmission by Alex Hersler

June 2018
Accommodation by Greg Burdick

May 2018
Sweet Texas Reckoning by Traci Godfrey

April 2018
Death House by Jason Karasev

March 2018
Thea by Alisa Zhulina

February 2018
With Love and a Major Organ by Julia Lederer

January 2018
Calvary Diner by Arlene Bozich
Portrait of a Soul by Elisa Manzini

December 2017
Monitored Bodies by E. Okobi
I Carry Your Heart by Georgette Kelly

November 2017
Ashes & Ink by Martha Pichey
Adam & Brian by Craig Donnelly

October 2017
Departures by Marc Simon
Big Baby Maybe by Xavier Toby

September 2017
Viv is for Vengeance by Lindsey Hope Pearlman
The April Hour by Jonathan Smit

August 2017
Max and Wren by Jerry Lacy

July 2017
Bad Roommate by Valerie Work

June 2017
Maxine, And by Lynne S. Brandon
While the Stars Fall by Andrew Wnuk

March 2017
The Forest (working title) by Lia Romeo

February 2017
Broken Pieces by Mateo Moreno

January 2017
Steve Got Raped by Sam Gooley

December 2016
Don(or) by Tyler Jakes

October 2016
Sologomy and Other Misadventures by Marianna Staroselsky

September 2016
Shadow Dancing by Jewel Beth Davis

July 2016
Circular by Laura Shamas

June 2016
The Unraveling by Sean O’Connor

May 2016
Broken by Patricia Reynoso

April 2016
Don(or) by Tyler Jakes
That’s Him by Michelle Jane Wilson

March 2016
The Typewriter by Stanley Toledo

February 2016
Like a Bull in a China Shop by Kimberly Pau

January 2016
Broken by Patricia Reynoso

December 2015
Cannibals Alone by Steph DeFerie

November 2015
Family Vise by Matt Henderson

October 2015
Class Act by Rich Rubin

August 2015
Max and Wren by Jerry Lacy

July 2015
Reality by Lia Romeo
Everyday Life Every Day by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich
The National Debt is Paid by Ben Bartolone

June 2015
Trio by Sheila Cowley

May 2015
Conjugal Visits by Kalisha Buckhanon

April 2015
Danny and the Therapist by Tom Block

March 2015
Detainee by Sam Graber

December 2014
365 Last Suppers by Lavinia Roberts
The Wreck of Alberta by Lindsay Harris Friel

November 2014
Torture for Beginners by Xavier Toby

October 2014
The Good by James McLindon

September-November 2014
Sub-Basement by Tom Block

May 2014
Beasts by Aurin Squire

April 2014
Ugly Lies the Bone by Lindsey Ferrentino

March 2014
A Real Boy by Stephen Kaplan

February 2014
A Bad Name by Tyler Jakes

May 2013
Fidelity by Lenny Schwartz

May 2011
Philip Muses While His Muse Amuses by Tony Foster

November 2010
Waking Up by Augusto Federico Amador

November 2008
DOE by Trista Baldwin

July 2008
Checkpoint in the Safe Zone by Andrew Shafer

May 2008
How It Happened by Alan Rossett

April 2008
Love On Ice by Alan Rossdal

March 2008
Communion of Saints by Kathleen Cromie

February 2008
The Onset Phenomenon by Jake Jay

January 2008
Dupe by Alex Austin

December 2007
“The Reason Why” by Damien Midkiff

October 2007
Bedtime Stories by William Leavengood

August 2007
“The Trigger” by Christopher Bradley

July 2007
Hell and Back by S.J. Roth

June 2007
Checks and Balances by Oren Safdie

May 2007
A Nice Family Gathering by Phil Olson

March 2007
An Evening with Jack Kerouac by David A. McElroy & Steve A. Rowell

January 2007
Broken Hands by Moby Pomerance

November 2006
“Lucky” by Veronique Ory and Matt Popham

October 2006
Ready, Aim, You’re Fired by Jeremy Kehoe

October 2006
She by Kristina Meek

September 2006
Glorious by Peter Quilter

July 2006
Surviving Desert by Zach Brooks

April 2006
Ancient Voices by David Lewison

January 2006
Private Jokes, Public Places by Oren Safdie

December 2005
Hejira and Animus by Dennis Delaney

September 2005
The Little Venice Makes a Good Drink by Leonard Melfi

August 2005
The Lady Who Loved by Jake Jay

June 2005
The Recovery Room by David Starkey

May 2005
School Boys by Zach Brooks

April 2005
Green Room by Danny Truxaw

March 2005
“The Reality Check” by Rhett Dunlap

February 2005
The Worker’s Paradise by Robert Comander

Staged Reading of WAKING UP

“Love is not an inevitability.”

by Augusto Federico Amador
Member of the 2010 Emerging Writers Group with the Public Theater

Monday, November 8 · 8:00pm – 10:00pm

Primary Stages
307 West 38th Street, NYC

Already despondent Jeremy attends the wake of his uncle. He meets a fellow mourner, Austin, a handsome and confident but mysterious addition to the collective mourners. Jeremy takes to Austin quickly, however, a while into their conversation Jeremy uncovers an uncomfortable truth: Not only did Austin never know Jeremy’s deceased Uncle, he doesn’t know anyone at the wake. Austin explains that he is a “wake-hopper”, a person who crashes the wakes of strangers.

Their story develops into a deep rooted connection between the two men. Both learning along their journey that, sometimes, what we expect to gain and what we are supposed to learn are very different and that we should “WAKE UP” to the world around us. This is a story that surpasses gender, sexuality, life, and death- but reaches into the intangible conscience of who we are and how we overcome. Four characters take us on a journey to realizing that love IS inevitable.

Directed by Erma Duricko
Bobby Brower
Brionne Davis*
Veronique Ory*
Aldo Pisano*
Ryan Castro