An Unseen Visitor: an evening of ten-minute plays

Athena Theatre in association with TARTE

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Athena Writes – a ten-minute play fesitval ’16

Playwrights are asked to write a short, 10 minute play for production at the New Play Festival Spring 2016. The play group is being facilitated by Athena Theatre Company’s 2016 playwright-in-residence, Nora Sørena Casey.

Athena Theatre’s new playwriting group, “Athena Writes,” selected ten playwrights assembled for a one-year exploration of the theme: “An Unseen Visitor,” and centered on Athena Theatre’s commitment to supporting new work which pushes at the boundaries of live theatre.

Come see all ten ten-minute plays!
ONE NIGHT ONLY! Tuesday, May 17th 2016 at 7PM

Directed by Brad Raimondo

Joanie Anderson (The Color Purple)
Lauren Elizabeth (Street Cirque)
Sophia Gennusa (Matilda on Broadway: Tony Honor and a Grammy nomination)
Tyler Jakes (Alabama Shakespeare)
James Kenna (Where to Begin, Edinburgh Fringe)
Mateo Moreno (City of Glass)
Veronique Ory (The Man Under, 59E59)
Perri Yaniv (Title roles in The Dybbuk and Don Juan in Hell)
Lana Young (“Southpaw”)
Morgan Zipf-Meister (It’s Getting Tired Mildred)

Production pix collage 2016

Building by Nora Sørena Casey, Athena Theatre Playwright-in-Residence
When a new building goes up downtown, it threatens to disrupt the simple joys of brunch for three old friends. A stinging look into how communities change, and how they change us.

Freezer Burn by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich
Marnie and Robert are having a torrid affair — if only their kids, spouses and true feelings would stop getting in the way.

if u luv me by Sari Caine
Brandon loves Alison – Alison wants him to kill someone for her. High school’s a complicated place.

The Bright Side of Keurig by Veronica Cooper
Gina defends her position as a Leaner-Iner from an unlikely opponent.

ACI by Alex Hersler
In the near future, the first artificial creative intelligence (ACI) has become an overnight sensation in the art scene, with artwork valued at two hundred thousand dollars apiece. As a painter and his agent grapple with the new reality, their long relationship is pushed to the limit as they unravel the question: can machine-made art still speak to humans?

Paper Airplanes by Mateo Moreno
Trying to restart his life and move on from the past, Tomas comes back into the life of the daughter he left behind. Between trying to find a way to connect with her and navigating the increasingly odd relationship with a local waitress, can he put back together the pieces that broke apart so many years ago and become the father that he never was?

Signs by Lia Romeo
Tom believes in signs. Kerry doesn’t… or does she?

Crossing Over by Kenzie Ross
Sam and Mary meet for the first time and discover there is no speed limit for human connection.

Loved for Parts by Marianna Staroselsky
A word and movement painting about a woman and her significant other, be it bionic limb or lover.

Yes. No. Maybe. by Xavier Toby
One proposal followed by some even bigger questions. These two people may be in love, but she wants to look closely at his balance sheet before deciding how truly compatible they are.

Athena Writes 2016

Athena Theatre Playwright Group 2016

Nora Sørena Casey, Athena Theatre Playwright-in-Residence
Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich
Sari Caine
Veronica Cooper
Alex Hersler
Mateo Moreno
Lia Romeo

Kenzie Ross
Marianna Staroselsky
Xavier Toby