Beirut (LA)

February 6th- February 29th, 2004
Friday, Saturday @8pm Sunday @7pm

The Elephant Lab Theatre
6322 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood

Ovation Award Eligible

“Alan Bowne’s stunner about love in the plague years. It’s `the near future:’ we’re in a dump of a room on the Lower East Side, where a young man named Torch has been quarantined after testing positive for a nameless disease that sounds a lot like AIDS. His girlfriend, Blue, who has not been infected, makes the dangerous journey across the quarantine line to be with him…. The marvel of Mr Bowne’s work is the richly raunchy language, tuned to the gritty rhythms of the street. It’s crude yet lyrical; even at its most scatological, the dialog sings…. They (Torch and Blue) are a Romeo and Juliet of the boroughs, an East Side story…. The poetry and power of BEIRUT.” — Walter Goodman, The New York Times

Damien Midkiff*
Véronique Ory
Paul Darrigo

Playwright: Alan Bowne
Director: Ty Donaldson

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“Midkiff plays torch with the intensity of a caged animal who hasn’t yet completely surrendered to death or fear. Ory brings out the necessary sexual tension and energy to pull Torch towards connection. Together the actors create an energy that makes it easy for the audience to be captivated and wondering just what will happen next. The pace of the production never lags, even in quieter moments, largely due to the performances which hold us transfixed to the very end. And ultimately, this production satisfies on several levels. Not only is this an entertaining production — it also raises more questions than it answers and — as in all worthwhile theatre, it makes us think.” – Systems Reviews