Beirut (NY)

January 5 thru January 22, 2011

Theatre Row, 410 West 42nd Street, NYC 10036

“Alan Bowne’s stunner about love in the plague years. It’s `the near future:’ we’re in a dump of a room on the Lower East Side, where a young man named Torch has been quarantined after testing positive for a nameless disease that sounds a lot like AIDS. His girlfriend, Blue, who has not been infected, makes the dangerous journey across the quarantine line to be with him…. The marvel of Mr Bowne’s work is the richly raunchy language, tuned to the gritty rhythms of the street. It’s crude yet lyrical; even at its most scatological, the dialog sings…. They (Torch and Blue) are a Romeo and Juliet of the boroughs, an East Side story…. The poetry and power of BEIRUT.” — Walter Goodman, The New York Times

Meital Dohan*, Sammi Rotibi, Tony Ray Rossi


Broadway Cares Benefit Performances:

Paul Bomba*, Veronique Ory*, Russell Jordan*


Director: The Zoppa Brothers
Production Stage Manager: Cassie Dorland
Technical Director: Chimmy Anne Gunn
Assistant Stage Manager: Ruth Gersh
Assistant Stage Manager: James W. Guido
Scenic Designer: Joseph C. Heitman
Lighting Designer: Ross Graham
Sound Designer: Colin J. Whitely
Scenic Artist/Props Master: Jon Knust
Costume Designer: Hadas Tzur
Fight Choreographer: Robert Tuftee
Producer: Athena Theatre Company, Exhibit Z & Stephen P. Palmese
Publicity Photographer: Bob Johnson
Graphic Designer: Jonna Mayer
Set Builders: Rhea Bundrant, Nicolo DePierro

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“The Zoppa Brothers bring their sharp, specific direction to a very intimate play, and the set design is gorgeous. It’s a hard play to love, but not a hard one to be affected by. Beirut is a strong piece of theatre that Athena Theatre and the Zoppa Brothers do a fine job of displaying.” – Big Vision Empty Wallet