Falling Forward

FALLING FORWARD: an evening of ten minute plays
by Athena Writes 2018

Directed by Veronica Dang

Athena Theatre’s new playwright group, Athena Writes, selected eleven playwrights assembled for a one-year exploration of the theme: “Falling Forward,” and centered on Athena Theatre’s commitment to supporting new work which pushes at the boundaries of live theatre.

Developing world premieres of off-beat and irreverent psychological dramas and dark comedies that challenge traditional stereotypes. Athena produces theatre that entertains, informs, enlightens, questions and deepens audience awareness of vital modern issues.

Flo Ankah
Nora Sørena Casey
Kathryn Funkhouser
Grant MacDermott
Isaac Allen Miller
Jeremy O’Brian
Martha Pichey
Marcus Scott
Judah Skoff
Leila Teitelman
Kate Thomas

Playwrights were asked to write a short, 10 minute play for production.

“Without being dogmatic or preachy, FALLING FORWARD’s plays broach topical issues, from guns and domestic violence to gender norms and marriage constructs, by making them personal. The surprising thematic through-line of the evening’s slate of plays, though, is our (we, humans’) aching need to be seen and known.” -Sherry Bokser

“Writers and actors collaborated to give us insights into racism, murder, magic, marriage, religion, ghosts and angels, homosexuality, healthcare, and domestic terror. The discovery of self and the meaning of life cleverly wafted through each of these original pieces.” -Ronni Burns

Starring: Estelle Bajou, Shavanna Calder, Sunny Choi, Peter Duncanson, Tanya Everett, Freddie Jay Fulton, Mark Andrew Garner, Steve Hoose, Anna Holbrook, Tim Liu, Lea McKenna-Garcia, EmJ Nelson, Marilyn Oran, Amy Patterson, Jenny Paul, Kelsey Petersen, Alan Simon and Chris Roe

Wednesday, May 16th @ 7PM

Leonard Nimoy Thalia at Symphony Space
2537 Broadway at 95th Street, New York, NY 10025

Tickets are now on sale HERE!

Out of the Box by Flo Ankah
Plume is about the give up when a mysterious Genie appears and ignites her purpose.

The Marsh by Nora Sørena Casey
Shawn goes camping with his friends and he’s a total bummer. Where can you escape to after the woods?

Help Who’s Next by Kathryn Funkhouser
When a cycle repeats, there are conversations we expect. Would it be the same if we gave the words away – or stole them?

A Departure by Grant MacDermott
A piece about a marriage and the role that secrets play in them.

The Meadows by Isaac Allen Miller
An exciting new frontier in the privatization of healthcare!

boys don’t look at boys by Jeremy O’Brian
a play about remembering to look

Drowning on Dry Land by Martha Pichey
When a whaling captain’s wife can no longer bear the waiting, will courage or convention win out when she demands to be taken to sea?

Natural Selection by Marcus Scott
Three young men plot an act of domestic terror in the comfort of a dorm room, but are they triggered to take the lives of innocents out of fury or are they simply trying to destroy their own self-hatred? Natural Selection tackles contemporary topics such as mass shootings, gun reform, white supremacy, the model minority myth and assimilation for a timely critique on American now and it’s future.

Amuka by Judah Skoff
On a mystical hill in northern Israel, young hopeful people gather to pray at the shrine of a renowned kabbalist, hoping his spirit will grant their deepest desires.

Waiting, or Something Equally Tragic by Leila Teitelman
Four women sit at a bus stop waiting to be taken away, but to where?

Shooting Janine by Kate Thomas
Two women make a random discovery on a hunting trip.

Production Team
Producer: Veronique Ory
Assistant Producer: Chris Roe
Scenic & Costume Design: Emily White
Lighting Design: Steven Zhang
Sound Design: Bryn Scharenberg
Stage Management: Kylee Greenleaf & Bryn Scharenberg
Choreographer for Out of the Box by Flo Ankah
Choreographer for Amuka by Lauren Hubbell