Goodbye from Athena Theatre

After considerable thought and with a heavy heart I’m writing one of the most difficult letters I’ve ever had to write. I have decided to close Athena Theatre at the end of this year.

I started Athena Theatre when I was 22 years old in LA with a passion to produce and act in all the plays that I fell in love with in college. Having a home of creative fulfillment is what was the driving force for 17 years. From LA to NYC and from published plays to new works, I had incredible opportunities to help foster thought-provoking theatre as well as cultivate relationships with artists that inspire.

My vision was for continuous growth for the company as well as for the artists involved and I’m very proud of all we’ve produced over the years. However, it has become increasingly difficult and prohibitive to appropriately fundraise what is needed to pay our incredible artists what they are worth, and I cannot continue to operate in this way. For a company (and a person) to be successful and grow we must have the means to thrive, rather than simply survive.

I appreciate each and every one of you that has participated in, contributed to, and attended our productions over the last 17 years. My hope is that the memories of these productions will live on, and the relationships made will continue and thrive in all that you do!

With deepest gratitude,

Veronique Ory
Founding Artistic Director, Athena Theatre