Our Audiences Responses:

Slow Dance on the Killing Ground

“This is such an unusual, unpredictable, fascinating production! Each actor’s performance is finely crafted, filled with subtle nuances, and woven together, creates an amazing tapestry of human souls who make us care about them. Bravo, Athena Theatre!”

“Watching this show has been an extremely satisfying experience for me. The performance was well executed based on an uncompromisingly honest and compassionate play by William Hanley, a true American Classic. I was particularly impressed by the performance of Charles Howerton as Glas. He came cross, so convincingly, as a German with his somewhat rigid and tough mentality despite his American nationality. The performance of Mathew Thompson as Randall is indescribable. I cannot even imagine how a person with such fragility and tenderness can carry out the brutality and bluntness which was pretty much expressed in every sentence that Randall had to say in the play. And, without doubt, the quality of the show owed its credit to the talent of its director Mark Thomas Boergers, the producer Veronique Ory and the entire theater crew.”

“In the wasteland that is LA live theatre, it is more than refreshing to see a show that is both innovative AND does justice to the script. The story is unique and intriguing, and the characterization by the actors brings life and vitality to the words without turning the show into a “who can stand out the most” contest (as many LA shows are). Visually, the show has interest and symbolism which deepen the story and enrich the experience. This is a show for people who love live theatre. Amazing effort for small theatre. Bravo!”

“I have seen many pieces of theatre in L.A. and it is quite rare to see a play that has the talent & conviction in Slow Dance. The story was fascinating to me, dealing with the judgment of ones character, their past, their present and their future. I loved it! Charles Howerton who played Glas was brilliant! His depth of soul and gravitas were mesmerizing. Matthew Thompson as Randall was irreverent and charismatic. He was great puzzle to watch. Veronique Ory as Rosie was funny and torn. Her simplicity was quite lovely and as is with many of Athena’s shows, it makes me want to see more. The dancers were beautiful and haunting and a great addition to the piece. Overall the direction by Mark Boergers was very unique and tight. The production looked great and I am more than happy to recommend this to all my friends!”

“This was an excellent show- the actors clearly had time to explore their characters. They were comfortable with an audience 2 feet away from them. The lighting design was wonderful- the designer got soooo much out of 20 instruments. It was a creative use of color and angles. The asides were wonderful. These people get under your skin and entertain you all the while. Thanks for all the effort.”

Wait Until Dark

“I am a fan of all the work done by Athena Theatre Company but their production of “Wait Until Dark” really blew me away. I was sitting with a friend and as the intensity of the story built, I found myself physiologically scared….my heart was beating faster, my mouth was dry….I reached for my friend’s hand for security. Then my friend and I did what I have never done during a live theatre production….we screamed. Yes, out loud, like little girls. The performances by Veronique Ory and Lorin McCraley took me out of my awareness that I was an audience member in a small theatre in Hollywood and brought me back to Greenwich Village in 1966 and into the lives of Harry Roat, Jr. and Susy Hendrix. A journey like this is exactly WHY we go see live theatre!!!”

“Athena Theatre’s production of ‘Wait Until Dark’ created an environment that was believable in two ways; physically, from the wonderful set design that created a sense of intimacy and being inside the story with the characters, and psychologically due to the intensity of the relationships as performed by the actors…truly a thriller of a show.”

“Wait until Dark was just excellent. Truly a great show with a strong cast in all roles. Great to see a stage presentation of the classics rather than the current “alternative” theatre that is so much in the current genre.”

“The production is worthy of praise. Part of my mission is to communicate to others the beauty and poise of the theatre.”

A Lie of the Mind

“Thanks for another nice evening of theatre on Saturday. I really enjoyed the raw truth all of you gave with Sam Sheppard’s, “Lie of The Mind”. Characters with worlds of their own in their heads but very shockingly normal in spirit and soul.”

“I’d read the amazing script of this play before attending Athena Theatre’s production, and found myself unclear on many of Sam Shephard’s intentions. Now this well-directed production has not only answered my questions, it also kept me entertained. The strong acting by the entire cast upon a well designed set will keep you on the edge of your seat. Speaking thereof, the only problem was the seating; it not unlike a flight to Seattle. The on-flight entertainment, however, more than makes up for this! Go!”

“Well directed, wonderful transitions and the moment when Jake leaves through the window while Mom and Sis move slow-mo in the bedroom was awesome!! Good music and acting too.”

“A cast of professionals that move this show from the very first word to the very last. Exceptional performances from everyone. A complex and painful story captured beautifully in this small space. An extraordinary accomplishment.”

“It was just immaculate. the performances were strong and the story is internally provoking. I like how it never tells you how to feel…you are able to despise or fear a character and respect them by the end of the play because they all really do make sense to themselves. But I guess that is their Lie. Great, show, great show… Bring your friends.!”

“The play was great and the actors did an amazing job. Had a lot of fun and well worth the trip from T.O. to Hollywood. Totally recommend..no wait .. RAVE the play.”

“I really liked this production. Great characters and performances. Also good use of music, including country classics and haunting songs from Twin Peaks.”

“My husband and I saw “a lie of the mind” by Sam Shepard. It is a most entertaining play. A pseudo mystery dealing with the self deception of the human mind. All the character are excellent and very well cast. We highly recommend it.


“I was blown away…It is such a monolith of a play …So well written and in this case so well directed and acted…brilliant…bravo to you and the cast and director…Man was that exciting…please…please…Try your best to bring it back for another run…the material and the cast are worthy of extension.”

“Your cast did an OUTSTANDING job. There was a cohesiveness among you that can’t be explained. It just worked!”

The Shape of Things

“It was a real pleasure watching the play. I thought you all were excellent in your roles. Your character, and more importantly the value you found in the nuiances in the writing was what made it a special piece. I learned a lot watching it and other than being entertained, there is nothing more that i could ask of a show. Another great choice of a script…”

” I really did enjoy it immensely. Not just the play itself but the acting was great. Each scene had such a high level of intensity, I was never bored for one second…basically I loved it, want to see it again, and will recommend it to everyone I know.”

How I Learned to Drive

“I enjoyed the show very much and it was so thought-provoking that I actually came to a deeper understanding of it over the days following it, as it kind of “sunk in” to my brain. It’s rare to encounter something which makes you think and feel so much, so I am grateful to Athena for presenting this great show.”

“For those of you who missed the show, you missed a really great one! Veronique Ory pulled off an incredibly delicate piece of theater with finesse. Her portrayal of Lil’ Bit, the buxom incest survivor, was truly complex, honest, and vulnerable. Particularly in her interactions with Uncle Peck, who gave us an empathetic connection to the impulses and motivations of the pedophile, we see a woman both victimized and willfully corrupted. Paula Vogel’s insightful play certainly provided an excellent base but the execution was a credit to all participants – cast, director, and crew. Congratulations Athena Theatre for your continuing development of thoughtful, rewarding productions and best of luck with your upcoming season!”

Waiting for Godot

“I wanted to thank you for such an interesting and fresh version of the play. I enjoyed it very much. You’re
doing a wonderful job with Athena, and I know it is a lot of hard work. Trust me when I say it’s paying
off. Again, congrats and thanks, and I look forward to the next production!”

“GJ’S monologue was hilarious! You work with a great group of actors. I can’t wait for the next show!”


“I am so proud of you being brave on that stage. It’s great watching actors that just go for it! I can’t tell you how much shitty theatre I have to see. The play is very intense and very real. It’s funny to watch the audience and how they react.”

“You did an excellent job both acting and producing. The other actors were good as well. And the directing, too…I’m looking forward to the next Athena show. All your hard work is really paying off.”

Crimes of the Heart

“We were so glad to be able to see your performance and production. What a treat for us! You were GREAT…”

“I love what you guys are doing.”

“I really enjoyed the production and your work as well.”