I Carry Your Heart by Georgette Kelly
“Fresh … Powerful … Personal … Unique…” NY Stage Review – 4 Stars!

“I Carry Your Heart takes audiences on an emotional journey through family relationships, end of life issues, and hopes for the future.” “This is a show that should be seen and talked about” -Broadway World

“The cast handles [the subject matter] with earnestness and sensitivity.” -Hi! Drama

Sub-Basement by Tom Block
“Athena Theatre Company’s production has brought together a strong creative team to put up a challenging but worthwhile script. Given the nature of the play and its movement in fits and starts, the level of professional production is a boon.” –Will Jacobs, Theatre is Easy

“…the actors and designers capture the different personalities, personifications, moods, and theatrical genres” —Deb Miller, DC Metro Theater Arts

“The set, sound design, lighting, costumes, and all technical elements of the production all worked together in tandem to create a palpable and ominous atmosphere.” –Danielle Beckmann,

“Sub-Basement” is another great production of Athena Theatre.” —Andrew Baumgarten,

“[The actors] were all very appealing and charismatic.” –Eva Heinemann / HI! DRAMA

The Man Under by Paul Bomba

 -New York Post


Ovation Award Recommended

Beirut by Alan Bowne

“The Zoppa Brothers bring their sharp, specific direction to a very intimate play, and the set design is gorgeous. It’s a hard play to love, but not a hard one to be affected by. Beirut is a strong piece of theatre that Athena Theatre and the Zoppa Brothers do a fine job of displaying.” – Big Vision Empty Wallet

True West by Sam Shepard

“Still, Shepard brings to life a tense drama and a vivid world. Lee is a great character and his consistency creates a powerful ending. The strength of this production hinges on the fine acting of Brionne Davis as Lee, whose gestures, timing, and driving moment-to-moment shifts are fueled by motivation and personality — with no breath for let-ups.” –”

The Glory of Living by Rebecca Gilman

“The production is outstanding: sets resemble the reality of the environment, costumes are spot-on and the theme draws you in. Directors Alice Ensor and Joe Koonce utilize the actor?s talents with great invention. Standout performance was by Jeorge Watson as a prison guard.” – Tolucan Times

Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman

“…striking movement design by Adria Dawn, performed by uniform grace by the cast.” RECOMMENDED -StageSceneLA

Pterodactyls by Nicky Silver

“The wonderfully gifted ensemble responds brilliantly to the challenge…” –

Slow Dance on the Killing Ground by William Hanley

“Howerton adds dignified solidity to the piece, Ory’s Rosie brings youthful energy, and both sides of Thompson’s Randall are compelling. Mark Thomas Boergers’ direction meticulously balances the comic relief, a reprieve from melodrama as well as drama.” –Back Stage West

Wait Until Dark by William Hanley

“…is a worthy production of the Athena Theatre Company; it is gripping and well acted, and highly recommended for a cold, rainy night.”- The Ira Fistell Show, KABC Radio 790 AM

A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard

“Definitely another strongly carved notch on the winner’s belt of Athena Theatre.”

Proof by David Auburn

“David Auburn’s award-winning play Proof, is receiving an award-winning, definitive production by Athena Theatre at the lovely Flight Theatre of the complex. Sharpen your pencils, Ovation Voters, and make your reservations now, because the run of this one could sell out within a week.”—Metro LA

“The acting lives and breathes on stage in performances that would make Uta Hagen proud.”-Metro LA

How I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel

“Veronique Ory is the kind of theatre person that takes chances, not for the sake of it, but to push herself and explore the concepts of what makes a good performance and how it affects the audience, the actors and the story itself.”-

Beirut by Alan Bowne

“Together the actors create an energy that makes it easy for the audience to be captivated and wondering just what will happen next. The pace of the production never lags, even in quieter moments, largely due to the performances which hold us transfixed to the very end. And ultimately, this production satisfies on several levels. Not only is this an entertaining production — it also raises more questions than it answers and — as in all worthwhile theatre, it makes us think.” –Systems Reviews