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(Extended! Aug 3rd, 4th, 10th + 11th)
Thursday, July 12th through Sunday, July 29th
Thurs-Sat at 8PM; Sun at 7pm

Stella Adler Theatre
6773 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90028

Ovation Award Eligible

An absurdist black comedy about the demise of the Duncan family, and, by extension, the species. Emma Duncan, a hypochondriac with memory problems, and her orphaned fiance, Tommy, confront her mother, Grace, with the news of their intended marriage. Disapproving at first, Grace acquiesces and puts Tommy to work as a maid. Shortly after, Grace’s son, Todd, returns home and announces he has AIDS which sets off a frenzy of denial-spurred activity. The father, Arthur Duncan, reaches out to his son who is more interested in assembling the dinosaur bones he discovers in the back yard.

Todd Kubrak as Todd Duncan
Veronique Ory as Emma Duncan
Ryan Baylor as Tommy McKorkle
Gillian Doyle* as Grace Duncan
Christopher Bradley* as Arthur Duncan

Director: Patrick Varon
Stage Manager: Kevin Jordan
Set Design: Stefan Depner
Lighting Design: Johnny Ryman
Costume Design: Marina Toybina
Sound Design: John Bobek
Publicity: Demand PR
Postcard Design: Jeremy Asher
Casting Director: Stephen Snyder

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“Silver’s self-absorbed characters talk at — rather than with — one another, leading to a lot of non sequiturs, driving home the point of a noncommunicative family…. The playwright’s themes become clearer when the zany tone shifts to stark tragedy. The finest work comes from Doyle, whose basket-case matriarch feels like a cross between Katherine Helmond in Soap and Faye Dunaway’s Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest. Kubrak excels as the loony artist turned amateur archaeologist, as does Ory as the seriocomic sad sack. Baylor is a hoot as the cross-dressing groom-to-be. Those with an appetite for nihilistic farce will enjoy this gleefully acidic satire.” – BackStageWest