Slow Dance on the Killing Ground

June 22nd thru July 29th, 2006
Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays @ 8pm

The Lounge Theatre
6201 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038

Ovation Award Eligible

The New York Times writes: “As the curtain rises, a poor, dusty shop with its dirty window obscuring the dark hostile night, with its mean little counter, and with its juke box glaring vulgarly from the side, the storekeeper is taking inventory. The door is flung open, letting in a lithe young Negro, weirdly gotten up in a soft, high-crowned hat over his kinky little mop, sunglasses, a cape, short slacks and sneakers. Mr. Hanley calls this act Pas de Deux. In this dance for two, the characters make hesitant approaches, circle, feint, threaten each other with gun and ice pick but scarcely make contact. The young man is obviously a hunted man. Through the circumlocutions of his odd mixture of jive talk and fancy literary allusions, there pants a sense of terror. The storekeeper is a non-Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany, is close-mouthed, suspicious, anxious to avoid self-involvement & In the second act the Pas de Deux becomes Pas de Trois. The third dancer is Rosie, an eighteen-year old from Riverdale, has wandered into the shop after losing her way while looking for the address of an abortionist. Rosie has no illusions about her homeliness or about the encounter that has led to her troubles & the laconic German and the flowery young man react to her with a sensitivity and concern that seem to diminish the furies within them. Finally the German is driven to revealing the truth about himself as the young man, at last, in the third act, faces his inexorable fate out there on the killing ground.”

Charles Howerton as Glas
Matthew Thompson as Randall
Veronique Ory as Rosie
Kim Parmon as Choreographer and Dancer
Adrian Vatsky as Dancer

Director: Mark Thomas Boergers
Production Stage Manager: Kevin Jordan
Set Design: Stefan Depner
Lighting Design: Johnny Ryman
Costume Design: Adam Voigts
Sound Design: John Bobek
Publicity: John Richard Petersen
Casting Director: Stephen Snyder, JS Snyder & Assoc
Casting Associate: Lilo Grunwald
Postcard Design: Jeremy Asher

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“This play is just as fresh and relevant as it was some 40+ years earlier. The three performers appear to be deep into their characters; Howerton as the elderly man fulfilling his part of the American dream, Thompson as the jive small time hustler with a be-bop attitude, and Ory as the confused sheltered girl who wants to do better for herself while slipping along the way. The playwright used a three-act stance as in a dance residual (pas de deux, pas de trois, and coda). This imagery is presented by a pair of tango dancers (Kim Parmon and Adrian Vatsky) who brings each act as a visible expression to what this trio in the sweet shop are experiencing–real or otherwise. Directed by Mark Thomas Boergers, SLOW DANCE ON THE KILLING GROUND is an overdue dormant gem that was worth the uncovering.” – Accessibly Live Off-Line