The Glory of Living

October 9 – November 21

The El Centro Theatre, 804 N. El Centro Ave, LA, CA 90038

Ovation Award Eligible

This production is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

Athena Theatre & El Centro Theatre presents THE GLORY OF LIVING by Rebecca Gilman, directed by Alice Ensor and Joe Koonce. The award-winning, “viscerally powerful” (The Guardian) early play by the author of Spinning Into Butter and Boy Gets Girl. Set in the rural Deep South, Rebecca Gilman’s The Glory of Living received critical acclaim rare for a new American play when it had its British premiere in 1999, garnering the Evening Standard Award for Most Promising Playwright. Having opened in New York in the fall of 2001, this work focuses on fifteen-year-old Lisa, the daughter of a prostitute, and Clint, the car thief she runs away with to escape the misery of life with her mother. But the happier times that sullenly childlike Lisa yearns for never materialize, as Clint orders her to procure young runaways for him. Rebecca Gilman has created a riveting, unsentimental portrait of a young woman whose most striking quality is not her capacity for evil but the depth of her emptiness, in an environment as harsh and unyielding as the contours of her life.

Brett Aune*, Mark Deliman, Jules Hartley,
Kate Huffman,Therese McLaughlin, Michael Mims, Chuck Raucci*,
Carolyn Stotes, Victoria Truscott and Jeorge Watson*

Director: Alice Ensor and Joe Koonce
Set Design: MonkeyBoy Productions
Lighting Design: Extended Visions Design

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"The production is outstanding: sets resemble the reality of the environment, costumes are spot-on and the theme draws you in. Directors Alice Ensor and Joe Koonce utilize the actor?s talents with great invention. Standout performance was by Jeorge Watson as a prison guard." – Tolucan Times