Two Encounters

Mon., Tues. & Wed. at 8pm
Feb. 10-26 & March 3-19

The Tamarind Theatre
5919 Franklin Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Ovation Award Eligible

Birdbath is a late-night dialogue between a lonely waif and a prodigal poet and explores the theme of what it means and what it takes for people to ultimately connect in this large and often isolated world.

In Ferryboat, Joey is searching the Staten Island Ferry as it leaves Manhattan. He boldly sits down besides a girl and tries to strike up a conversation. He realizes he isn’t getting anywhere but decides to continue telling her about himself anyway. When the boat is ready to dock the girl finally reacts, coolly insulting Joey. He lashes back at her, finally being honest, and discovers this is the way he should have communicated with her in the first place.

Veronique Ory
Lance Disado
Jay Evans
Tessa Munro

Playwright: Leonard Melfi
Director: Elizabeth Welsh