Waiting for Godot

June 11-12, 18-19
Friday and Saturday @ 8:00pm

The Raven Playhouse
5233 Lankershim Blvd
NoHo Arts District, CA 91601

Ovation Award Eligible LAStageAlliance.com

Vladimir and Estragon wait near a tree on a barren stretch of road, inhabiting a drama spun from their own consciousness. The result is a comical wordplay of poetry, dreamscapes, and nonsense, which has been interpreted as a somber summation of mankind’s inexhaustible search for meaning. Beckett’s language pioneered an expressionistic minimalism that captured the existentialism of post-World War II Europe. His play remains one of the most magical and beautiful allegories of our time.

Jameson Haase – A Boy
Nathan G Johnson – Pozzo
GJ Echternkamp – Lucky
Schantelle Cason – Vladimir
Veronique Ory – Estragon

Playwright: Samuel Beckett
Director: Claire Titelman

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“The Athena Theatre Company takes a huge leap in presenting this classic example of Theatre of the Absurd, by courageously exchanging the gender of the two principal characters. If someone has never heard of Godot, this piece will fall neatly into place as Veronique Ory and Schantelle Cason play the title roles of the seemingly destitute Estragon and Vladimir with wonderful commitment and veracity, giving realistic portrayals of people in limbo" – Reviewplays